The Return to Eden (And Now There Are Stars)

Originally posted on my personal blog, this is a response to my earlier poem on TCK Life. You can find the original poem on my personal blog as well as on this site: Unsettled.

Two years ago, I wrote a poem I entitled “Unsettled.” Even though I enjoyed writing it, and even though several friends, family, and even strangers responded positively to it, there was a part of me that was sad to write it.

The problem with living an unsettled life is that it can be very tiresome. And lonely. But it was my life, and I was content.

I once asked God if I would ever meet a man who would woo and pursue me, and He reminded me that He had pursued me all my life and would continue to do so. I was content with God, but God wanted more for me.

So this poem is a response to “Unsettled” and to how much my life has changed in the last two years.

The Return to Eden (And Now There Are Stars)

By Emily Harris 

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for man to be alone.”

The pages of my passport are stamped.

And they are full. My suitcases are empty.

My wallet contains only one form of currency.

And my restless heart —

that true self that pours out from deep within me —

longs for you. Yearns.


My heart waits for you, my beloved.

It wants to live within your embrace.

My eyes no longer search the horizon.

My feet no longer itch to wander.

For what I long for has been found.

My search is over.

I have found you.


It is you for whom I’ve wandered this earth.

It is for your love that I have hunted.

No longer is the road lonely

now that you are here.

I no longer flee —

from myself, from aloneness.


I travel with you.

I hold your hand, and

your warmth spreads over me like the sunshine.


The night is no longer dark and empty.

I am with you. And now —

there are stars.


I have searched for you, beloved.

How strange that I found you

not in far off places

but in my hometown:

Where I lay anchor and rest —

Where I seek refuge

when the wilderness becomes

too thorny,

too cold,

too dark on my own.


How strange and how wonderful

that I found you in the town where I was born,

where I first breathed adventure.

So, Beloved, hold my hand,

and we will explore this Eden

our Father has given us.

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